Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jantar Mantar of New Delhi

Jantar MantarJantar Mantar is one of the historic places of Delhi. Jantar Mantar is situated in heart of Delhi near Connaught Place. It was built in 724 by Raja Jai Singh. He built five Jantar Mantars in India located in different cities of India which are Delhi, Jaipur, Varanasi, Ujjain and Mathura. Jantar Mantar of Delhi was specially built to perform astronomical calculations.

Jantar Mantar has built with brick rubble that is plastered in lime. Jantar Mantar has different instruments inside it. Some of the famous instruments in Jantar Mantar are Samrat Yantra, Jai Prakash, Ram Yantra, Niyati Chakra, Misra Yantra. These instruments help in performing various astronomical calculations. Now the historical structure of Jantar Mantar has encircled by new office buildings. Jantar Mantar of Delhi is even used by modern day scholars to ascertain the location of the heavenly bodies in our universe.

Jantar Mantar of New Delhi is open public viewing from 10 am to 6 pm. Entry to this historical place is completely free.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Chandni Chowk: Chandni Chowk Market in Delhi

Chandni ChowkChandni Chowk is one of famous, oldest place in Delhi. This market comes in the Central North Delhi. It was built around 300 years ago and also known by the name of moonlit square. Chandni chowk is also famous as a business center in Delhi. People from all around India come here for shopping. Foreigners also have due interest in this market. This is one of the cheapest market as compared to other markets in Delhi and also one of the wholesale market of Delhi.

This place has number of famous lanes which have their own speciality. One of the famous lanes of chandni chowk is parathewali gali which is famous for it's delicious parathas. The textile lane for its textiles. Some of the very well known places in chandni chowk are:

  • Katra Neel: Katra Neel is the famous cloth bazaar of Chandni Chowk of Delhi. In this market you will get every cloth of the world like Silk, satin, crepe, cotton, muslin and many more.

  • Bhagirath Palace: Bhagirath Palace is supposed to be the largest electrical goods market in Asia. Apart from that, it is also famous medical equipments and allopathic medicines.
  • Kinari Bazaar: Kinari Bazaar is very famous for zari and zardozi work, of any and every kind. Here you can get everything related to an Indian bridal trousseau.
  • Dariba Kalan: Dariba Kalan is the perfect place for silver jewelry shopping in Chandni Chowk,. Once a place full of gold and silver jewelers, it now specializes in silver jewelry.
  • Chhatta Chowk Bazaar: Chhatta Chowk Bazaar is famous for artificial and semi-precious jewelry, embroidered bags, hand painted wall hangings, fake antiques, etc.
Some of very famous Eating Places in chandni chowk are:

* The Ghantewala Halwai

* Natraj's Dahi Bhalle

* Kanwarji Bhagirathmal Dalbhajiwallah

* Chaatwallah

* Bikaner Sweet Shop

* Haldiram's

* Gianiji ka Falooda